Celebrating Fall

I have several pictures of fall related things from this month, so I thought I would lump them all together in a post about fall.

Kevin and I have each spent some time tending to the yard before it goes dormant for the winter.  Poor Kev has raked about 8 bags full of leaves (those huge yard waste bags you can buy) and our back yard is still just covered in yellow leaves.  I had a much easier job, which involved trimming back the front garden.  The mums that I planted two years ago are still going strong, and actually had grown quite out of control (They aren’t joking when they call them “hardy” mums!)  Our house has been graced with their beautiful fall colors for the last week.


Last week for Halloween and the ND/Washington State game, we had some friends over.  Kevin made a delicious brisket and I got to make some of the fall recipes I’ve had my eye on for a long time.  I decided on pumpkin pie bars, eyeball cupcakes, and Scotcheroos as the desserts we would enjoy.

Annie’ s pumpkin pie bars are delicious, and are definitely appropriate for fall.  I loved the flavors of the butterscotch, pumpkin, and pecans together.



These eyeball cupcakes (also Annie’s recipe and decorating instructions) were perfect to have on our Halloween buffet table!


The Scotcheroos were great too!  I remember having Rice Krispy Treats often at the Halloween parties of my childhood, so these felt “traditional” in a sense.  I had forgotten how much I like Rice Krispy Treats until I had these recently at Katie’s house in South Bend.



And I couldn’t end a post relating to Halloween without showing you Kevin’s outrageous costume:


Yes, you’re seeing that correctly.  Kevin went as a Franciscan monk (appropriate for a theology teacher) and decided that he had to do the hairdo authentically.  His students ate it up, of course, and since then he has shaved the rest of his head so that he looks more normal.  Hair grows, right?  :)

4 responses to “Celebrating Fall

  1. So glad you enjoyed the bars and the cupcakes. Looks like you guys had a great Halloween! And I love the authentic hair cut :)

  2. Hey Jocelyn,

    The eyeball cupcakes look yummy.

    Tell Kevin I was very impressed with his costume. Authentic for sure!!!! Anna

  3. By the way, the mums we all helped plant look lovely! Hard to believe that they are producing so many beautiful blossoms.

  4. I feel the same way about Rice Krispy Treats, funny how we have the same memories of the Halloweens of childhood. I missed out on them this year. Your treats look pretty good. See you soon…just about a month.

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