Rozann’s Visit & a St. Louis First for Anne

We were so happy to get to see Rozann a couple of weeks ago!  She arrived on a Friday afternoon and we spent a quick 40ish hours introducing her to Anne and catching up since our last visit.

When Rozann arrived we headed to St. Charles for coffee and a scone.  It was a little too hot for window shopping like we had planned, so we came back home and made crawfish pasta for dinner.  Later that night, Rozann and Annie experienced a St. Louis tradition:

Of course, Annie didn’t really get to sample any Ted Drewe’s custard, but since she is a St. Louis  native, we had to document her first time here!

On Saturday morning, we went to the Kirkwood Farmers’ Market, then settled in for an afternoon of baking!  We made s’mores cheesecake bars and sugar cookie bars, both from Annie’s Eats.  They were delicious; I haven’t been disappointed by an Annie’s Eats recipe yet!

Saturday night we had a barbeque and a few of our other friends stopped by, and then on Sunday we just had time for a quick trip to Starbucks before seeing Rozann off.  I mentioned in this blog post that these little coffee dates are treasured rituals of sorts for us, so we couldn’t resist a quick cup before we had to say good-bye!

Hopefully it won’t be long until we see each other again!  Love you Rozann!

One response to “Rozann’s Visit & a St. Louis First for Anne

  1. I just saw this place (Ted Drewes) on an episode of “Best Thing I Ever Ate” the other day! Totally made me want to visit St. Louis even more ;) your afternoon of baking sounds amazing, I’ll have to try some Annie’s Eats recipes. hugs to sweet baby Annie, and have fun in California!

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